air traffic safety

Nov 15 '17 17:20

Safety measures at Schiphol Airport are insufficient to cope with the limitation of noise pollution and the growth of the airport, according to a letter Dutch pilots' association VNV sent to the Tweede Kamer on Wednesday, NOS reports.

Jun 7 '16 15:00

Schiphol and Noord-Holland are still fighting for approval to gas thousands of geese in the area around the airport, despite a court ban. According to the airport and the province, gassing is the only effective way to get rid of enough birds that they no longer pose a risk to air traffic. They are heading back to court on Monday

May 13 '16 16:25

A cargo airplane crashed into the lights of a runway while taking off from Schiphol, according to a quarterly report by the Aviation Safety Board

Mar 2 '16 12:17

The Dutch Safety Board launched a "thematic investigation" into air traffic safety at and around Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. This follows a number of incidents at the airport over the past years, the Safety Board announced on Wednesday.

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