Advocate General

Feb 1 '19 15:00

A ruling by the court in The Hague that held the Dutch State partly accountable for the death of around 300 Muslim men after the fall of Bosnian Muslim enclave Srebrenica in 1995, is unjust, the Advocate General said in advice to the Supreme Court. According to the advocate General, Dutch UN battalion Dutchbat can not be held liable for the death of the Muslim men, reports.

Oct 8 '18 12:20

The Supreme Court shot down one of the Dutch government's main arguments for abolishing dividend tax. The Netherlands' dividend tax is legally very sustainable and not discriminatory for foreign investors. It therefore does not have to be abolished to prevent lawsuits and repayment of taxes, Advocate General Peter Wattel of the Supreme Court wrote in advice to the government, NOS reports.

Feb 22 '18 16:00

A Dutch tax regulation for deductible interest on loans between parent companies and subsidiaries is in conflict with EU rules, the European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday. Last year Eric Wiebes, the State Secretary of Finance, warned that this ruling could cost the Dutch treasury 400 million euros, reports.

Louboutin red-soled shoes
Feb 6 '18 14:50

The iconic red-colored soles of famous designer Louboutin are not covered by trademark law, the adviser for the European Court of Justice concluded in a trademark lawsuit the French brand filed against Dutch shoe firm Van Haren. According to the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, a company can not claim exclusivity on the basis of a combination of color and form, RTL Nieuws reports. 

The advice of the Advocate General is often, but not always, followed by the judges of the European Court of Justice. 

Nov 9 '16 12:40

Albert Heringa should not be punished for helping his 99-year-old mother commit suicide, according to an Advocate General of the Supreme Court who studied the case. The court in Arnhem previously ruled that Heringa should not be punished. The Advocate General advises that the ruling be upheld, NOS reports.

Sep 21 '16 11:30

Limburg man Toon van H. was arrested in his home in Echt on Tuesday on suspicion of ordering the assassination of two justice officials. Van H.'s lawyer Ludo Hameleers confirmed the arrest, AD reports.

Volkert van der G.
May 10 '16 14:05

The psychiatric treatment Volkert van der Graaf was given for killing politician Pim Fortuyn, was only a sales pitch directed at politicians, according to Advocate General Hans Pieters in a secretly recorded conversation with Van der Graaf

Jan 26 '16 15:20

Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston advised the European Union's Court of Justice to reject the European's commission's claim that the Netherlands is discriminating against European exchange students by not giving the access to a free Dutch public transit. According to the Advocate General, the Commission can not prove that this is the case. The advise is not binding

no image
Sep 16 '14 15:55

If it is up to Europe, trade unions in collective agreements may agree on minimum rates for independent retailers, giving hope to the tens of thousands of underpaid freelancers.

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