Limburg man arrested for ordering assassinations on two justice officials

Arrest (Photo: Politie)Arrest (Photo: Politie)

Limburg man Toon van H. was arrested in his home in Echt on Tuesday on suspicion of ordering the assassination of two justice officials. Van H.'s lawyer Ludo Hameleers confirmed the arrest, AD reports.

The Public Prosecutor believes that Van H. wanted to have Paul van Hilten, the Advocate General at the court of appeal in Den Bosch, and an employee of the Tax Authorities' investigative department FIOD murdered. The police reported on Tuesday that a man was arrested after the Oost-Brabant corps received a tip over assassination plans. Though the police said nothing about the identity of the suspect or targets.

According to AD, the now 61-year-old Limburg man was also arrested in December 2003, also for plotting the murders of the same to officials. In that year he was also suspected of being the mastermind behind a planned assassination on Brabant real estate magnate Jos Geert. Van H. was eventually released due to lack of evidence.

The authorities still don't have enough evidence to hold Van H., according to lawyer Hameleers. "That a donkey does not push the same stone twice apparently does not apply to the Public Prosecutor", the lawyer said, according to the newspaper. "It is incomprehensible that Justice arrests someone, apparently on a tip from the Central Intelligence Agency, after they made the same mistake previously."