Amsterdam company to design Australia's tallest building

Green Spine
Green Spine. (Photo: UNStudio)

Architectural firm UNStudio from Amsterdam made the winning design for the tallest building in Australia. The so-called Green Spine will consist of two helical towers, one 365 meters tall the other 252 meters, and will be built in Melbourne, NOS reports.

The tallest tower will contain housing, the other one businesses, including a hotel. Both towers will have overgrown facades and a garden on the roof. The construction will cost around 1.4 billion euros.

In the Netherlands UNStodio, the office of Ben Van Berkel​​, is known for the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam and the Arnhem train station, among other things. 

"The Green Spine showed work by a strong, multi-disciplinary collaborative team that is a bold, yet thoroughly considered approach to creating a context driven landmark as an addition to Melbourne's skyline", said Adelene Teh, director of Beulah International, the developer responsible for the project. 

"We are truly delighted that our design has been selected as the winning proposal for this very exciting project!" Ben van Berkel said. "For our proposal to be selected by Beulah - such a forward-focused developer - and from entries by such an exceptional group of our peers is a true honor."