Dutch man shot, killed by police in Luxembourg

Police car in Luxembourg City
Police car in Luxembourg City. (Photo: Pudelek / Wikimedia Commons)

A Dutch man was shot and killed by the police after a chase in the city of Luxemburg last week Wednesday. The man was identified as a 51-year-old Dutch man who lived in Germany, AD reports.

The police tried to pull the man over for a routine traffic check, but he sped away in his black Mercedes. The police gave chase and quickly managed to bring the man's car to a stop. When a police officer got out of his vehicle, the man drove his car towards the cop. The officer fired three shots.

One of the shots hit the Dutch man, who lost control of his car. He crashed into the wall of a house, and came to a standstill against a tree.

The police officers at the scene, and later paramedics, resuscitated the man and he was rushed to hospital, where he died of his injuries. 

Witnesses say that the man panicked when the police signaled him to stop, according to the newspaper. The man was known to the police for various offenses.