Beursplein 5, home of the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Apr 7 '20 20:40

The Amsterdam stock exchange index, AEX, has today recovered nearly half of its losses since falling from its highs in mid-February. The rally comes as European stocks climbed for a second consecutive day as the markets began pricing in data suggesting that the spread of Covid-19 is slowly being brought under control.

The AEX jumped by almost 13 points from Monday's 489.82 close, with the price at today’s open rising sharply to 503.97. The index maintained its rally for most of the day’s trading, giving back some gains from the open to close 10 points higher (2.05 percent).

Flags of Netherlands and Europe
Apr 7 '20 20:00

Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra received support from a majority in parliament for the government's stance on European Union aid for countries in trouble due to the coronavirus. The Dutch government is against so-called coronabonds, and wants strict requirements attached to any emergency financing, NOS reports.

Later in the evening, reports emerged that the European Stabilization Mechanism (ESM) could instead be used to make a quarter of a trillion euros available to help countries in the EU pay for the medical problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Summer vacation
Apr 7 '20 14:50

Due to the coronavirus, most people in the Netherlands aren't even thinking about going away for the summer holidays. Travel organizations received virtually no bookings for the period between May and August, the Telegraaf reports after surveying various travel providers. Many bookings that were made, have since been canceled, they said.

Closed sign
Apr 7 '20 13:10

The majority, 65 percent, of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are confident that their business will survive the coronavirus crisis, even though over a fifth of SMEs and 40 percent of self-employed have had to halt all their activities due to restrictions in place to curb the spread of Covid-19. 15 percent of entrepreneurs are worried that their business will collapse, according to a survey by MKB Service Desk and Motivaction.

People waiting to view a home for sale in Amsterdam Oost, keeping their distance from each other due to coronavirus restrictions. 25 March 2020
Apr 7 '20 11:17

After years of skyrocketing prices and ever increasing home sales, the coronavirus and measures to curb it will be a blow to the Dutch housing market. A combination of side effects from measures to flatten the Covid-19 infection curve will result in far fewer home sales this year, and home prices falling next year, ABN Amro said in a report on Tuesday.

Lecture hall
Apr 7 '20 10:40

Students also want compensation for damages they suffered due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many students lost their part-time jobs and fear study delays. And the costs of tuition fees, rents and public transit cards still have to be paid, student organizations LSVB, ISO and FNV Jong told BNR. 

Apr 7 '20 08:59

During the upcoming Easter weekend, several popular stops and smaller roads will be closed to motorcycle riders and cyclists, the safety regions decided after groups of motorcyclists were spotted out in the spring sun last weekend. The Dutch and German authorities will also implement stricter controls on the border during the long weekend. "Tourists will be addressed. They are often sensitive to that, Minster Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security said, RTL Nieuws reports.

Apr 7 '20 08:07

Minister Stientje van Veldhoven, responsible for Environment and Housing, made agreements with parties involved to ensure that no homeowners end up on the street during the coronavirus crisis. There will be no mortgage foreclosures until at least July 1st, and mortgage lenders will look for solutions with homeowners in trouble.

The Minister made agreements to this extent with the Dutch association of banks VNV, the Association of Insurers, the national mortgage guarantee fund Nationale Hypotheekgarantie, and homeowners association VEH, she said on Tuesday. 

Oranje Netherlands football UEFA EURO 2012
Apr 6 '20 20:05

The top football players in the Netherlands joined Dutch football association KNVB and ING to create an 11 million euro fund to help rescue the country's professional and amateur football organizations. All football play has been on hold since March 12, as the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the country.

Apr 6 '20 15:25

The Dutch government will show some lenience when it comes to collecting debts during the coronavirus crisis. Those financially affected by the crisis can apply for deferred payments. And the state's debt collection service CJIB sent a letter to bailiffs asking them to show restraint and to avoid seizing bank assets, salaries, properties, and homes as much as possible, AD reports.

Home sweet home welcome mat
Apr 6 '20 13:20

Homeowners in the Netherlands will see their housing costs increase by 5 percent this year, according to new figures from the University of Groningen's center for research into lower governments' economy COELO. On average, homeowners will pay 776 euros to their municipality this year. Tenants' housing costs will amount to 389 euros this year on average, NOS.

Apr 6 '20 12:24

The coronavirus crisis in the Netherlands doesn't mean the government forgot to do its monthly test of the emergency sirens. The sirens are always tested at noon on the first Monday of the month, and that also happened today.

The monthly tests of the sirens are only skipped on national holidays, on Remembrance Day, and on religious holidays. That means that the sirens won't be tested in May and June. The first Monday in May, May 4th, is Remembrance Day. And the first Monday in June, June 1st, is Whit Monday. 

Amsterdam street largely abandoned due to coronavirus restrictions, 18 March 2020
Apr 6 '20 10:14

Netherlands residents are divided about how to deal with the coronavirus crisis in combination with the climate crisis. 13 percent think that all attention must now be given to fighting Covid-19, and the fight against climate change should be put on the back burner. But 28 percent see the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to rebuild the Netherlands in a more sustainable way, according to a survey by I&O Research. 

Netherlands money calculator
Apr 5 '20 13:00

In spite of a 10-billion euro rescue package designed to ensure that Dutch businesses continue to pay their employees, people should be prepared for impending bankruptcies and layoffs in the weeks ahead, social affairs and employment minister Wouter Koolmees said. “People will lose their jobs and companies will go bankrupt,” Koolmees admitted to local news service AD.

The Zuidas, Amsterdam’s large commercial business district, was virtually abandoned. 19 March 2020
Apr 4 '20 13:44

Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra has called on Dutch banks to reduce the interest rates they charge on overdraft payments in a new move designed to financially support consumers in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In an interview, Hoekstra told De Telegraaf newspaper that supporting people “is evidently about reducing those percentages,” which are currently “very substantial.”

Amsterdam street largely abandoned due to coronavirus restrictions, 18 March 2020
Apr 4 '20 10:47

About 67 percent of people believe the coronavirus restrictions in place in the Netherlands will last for six months or a year, a survey of Dutch people showed. The report, released by I&O Research, showed that about a third of the public was already concerned about their personal financial situations, less than three weeks after the government began imposing stricter measures on the public to combat the spread of the virus.

KLM and Air France planes at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris
Apr 3 '20 19:45

Aviation giant Air France-KLM Group is currently in discussion with various banks in order to secure at least six billion euros in government-backed emergency loans, sources told news agency Reuters on Friday. The emergency loans, of which 2 billion euros will likely go to KLM, are being designed in order to help keep the airlines afloat during the economic fallout resulting from the coronavirus crisis.

A KLM plane at an icy Schiphol Airport, 12 Feb 2018
Apr 3 '20 13:50

In the coming days, KLM will pick up nearly 2 thousand travelers stranded in Australia, Bali and New Zealand with its first flights to Australia in decades. "It has been 20 years since we landed at Sydney Airport," the Dutch airline said on Twitter. These repatriation flights are happening in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

People lined up outside an Amsterdam Oost Albert Heijn location, that made people wait outside at a distance until other customers left the store, 25 March 2020
Apr 3 '20 09:06

Social distancing measures implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the Netherlands resulted a massive decrease in visits to retail and recreation businesses, as well as public transit stations, according to mobility trends released by Google, using the same anonymous data used for products like Google Maps.

Construction site in Urk brought to a standstill by the coronavirus, 28 March 2020
Apr 3 '20 07:59

Some 40 thousand jobs in the construction sector will disappear in the coming two years due to the coronavirus, according to the economic institute for construction EIB. The institute thinks this crisis will hit construction harder than the 2008 economic crisis. EIB expects construction production to shrink by over 15 percent, NOS reports.

The coal operated power plant at Eemshaven
Apr 2 '20 17:43

Three of the five remaining coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands will see either their production scale back dramatically or their facilities close altogether in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the country. The Cabinet agreed to the measure on Friday, undisclosed sources told broadcaster NOS nearly a week later.

Empty classroom
Apr 2 '20 15:10

Schools in The Hague region lost touch with hundreds of pupils after schools closed as one of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. These kids aren't following online lessons, and their teachers can't get in touch of them or their parents, Omroep West reports after speaking to multiple school groups in the area. Almost 400 pupils have fallen off the radar in The Hague and the surrounding area, according tot he broadcaster.

Distance learning
Apr 2 '20 13:30

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science allocated 2.5 million euros to purchase laptops for school pupils who have to do distance learning due to the coronavirus and do not have the proper equipment at home. This money will buy laptops for over 6,800 pupils in primary-, secondary-, and secondary vocational education, Sivon, a partnership of school boards, said to NOS.

Planes parked at Schiphol, 25 March 2020
Apr 2 '20 11:00

Airlines are only allowed to give vouchers in return for a canceled flight if the passenger agrees. If not, the canceled ticket must be refunded, European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean said. With that she threw a spanner in the works of Dutch Infrastructure Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen's plan to allow airlines to compensate passengers with vouchers.

Mona Keijzer, the State Secretary for Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, responded by asking the public to accept the vouchers as a way of supporting the embattled travel industry.