Cooling off in the North Sea? Beware of strong currents this weekend

Lifeguard tower at the beach
Lifeguard tower at the beachPhoto: Rawpixel/DepositPhotos

The Dutch Rescue Brigade warned people to be extra careful of strong currents if they choose to cool off by swimming in the ocean on Friday and Saturday. Swimmers need to be careful all along the Dutch coast, but especially off the coast of Noord-Holland, a spokesperson for the Rescue Brigade said to Dagblad van het Noorden.

The currents have been strong all week, and swimmers already had to be rescued in Callantsoog, Bergen and Texel over the past days. With tropically high temperatures expected for today and tomorrow, the Rescue Brigade expects many more people to flock to the coast.

"Because there is a strong current, and there is also an east wind blowing, we advise people to only go into the water up to knee or hip height, and at least in pairs. If people do go swimming, they should do so along the coast instead of going deeper into the sea," the spokesperson said to the newspaper.

"With an easterly wind, there are often many jellyfish and a 'nice' cool down in the sea is not really possible. Floating on an air mattress is also extra dangerous, because there is a high risk of drifting."