Dutch tech store accidentally sells pricey iMacs for a few euros

MediaMarkt in Eindhoven
MediaMarkt in EindhovenCro-Cop2Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

A mistake made on MediaMarkt's online store may have cost the tech shop thousands of euros. For a short time last week, customers were able to buy iMacs for a few euros, instead of the retail value of around 2 thousand euros. A number of these bargain computers were even delivered. MediaMartk is asking customers to either return the computer, or pay in the extra amount, RTL Nieuws reports.

A number of customers are not willing to let go of the bargain, claiming that the iMac was bought, paid for and delivered and that the mistake was not theirs. Legal consultancy Aliter Melius is representing a number of them.

MediaMarkt told RTL that only a small number of iMacs were sold at the wrong price. "As soon as we found out that the price was not right, we contacted the buyers. We were able to find a solution with almost everyone, because the customers also understood that this was too good to be true," a spokesperson for the retail chain said to the broadcaster.