Gray and rainy weekend ahead for Netherlands

A cloudy day in Amsterdam
A cloudy day in AmsterdamPhoto: alxbaev/DepositPhotos

The current mix of sun and clouds in the Netherlands will turn to clouds and rain for the weekend, Weeronline expects. Maximums will range between 18 and 23 degrees through to Sunday, with rain expected every day.

Today is a mix of sunshine, cloud cover an some showers, with maximums between 18 and 22 degrees. Friday will also see rain, but with regular sunshine. Afternoon temperatures will rise to 19-20 degrees in the north and the west, 21-22 degrees inland, and up to 23 degrees in Noord-Brabant and Limburg - normal temperatures for this time of year, according to the weather service.

Saturday will start out cloudy with occasional rain. The south and southeast of the country are less likely to get wet than the north and west. The day will stay cloudy, with more showers expected in the afternoon and evening. Maximums will range between 19 degrees in the north and northwest and 23 degrees in the southeast. The southwesterly wind will be moderate to strong along the coast.

Sunday will also be windy, with a chance of gusts up to 85 kilometers per hour. The day will be cloudy with occasional light rain. Maximums between 20 and 22 degrees are expected.