Vast majority of Dutch willing to shelter war refugees

Child asylum seekers in Greece
Child asylum seekers in GreecevverveDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Eight in ten Netherlands residents believe that the country should offer shelter and protection to people who are feeling from war or persecution, according to a study by research agency Ipsos for World Refugee Day among 26 countries. Only Sweden had more residents willing to take in war refugees, RTL Nieuws reports.

The researchers asked respondents why they think asylum seekers opt for their country. A majority of Dutch, 56 percent, think asylum seekers flee to the Netherlands for economic reasons. This was a common belief in all surveyed countries, with an average of 59 percent of residents believing that. 

When asked about the coronavirus crisis in connection with the refugee policy, 42 percent of Dutch respondents said they see no reason to reduce the Netherlands' refugee budget, while a third said that it should be lowered. Almost half of Dutch said that there should be stricter requirements with regard to admitting asylum seekers during the coronavirus crisis, a third said the current requirements are sufficient, and 8 percent said they should be relaxed.

Ipsos surveyed 17,997 residents of 26 countries for this study.