Investigation launched into suspicious death of Haaksbergen baby

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An extensive investigation was launched at a home in Haaksbergen on Thursday, in connection with the death of a baby. The mother and her partner showed up at a hospital in Enschede with their dead baby during Easter weekend. The circumstances were so suspicious that the doctors alerted the police, NOS reports.

The mother lived in the Haaksbergen home searched on Thursday. The police called in the help of the Ministry of Defense, who deployed an Advanced Search Team with special radar equipment and sniffer dogs. The radar equipment is usually used to see through walls in search of hidden spaces, or to search for "disturbances in the soil" a few meters underground. 

According to the broadcaster, a sniffer dog signaled that it found something in a flower box in front of the house. The police were seen examining the flower box with prods. The dogs were also taken to the back of the house, as more and more police vans arrived at the scene.

The 30-year-old mother has been in custody for weeks. She is suspected of involvement in the death of her child. According to NOS, the woman previously gave birth to another baby who died not long after.

A spokesperson for the police would not tell the broadcaster whether they are looking for anything specific, exactly which areas are being investigated, and whether the earlier baby death is also part of the investigation.