Functioning meth lab found in truck semi-trailer stopped on Dutch highway

Crystal meth lab found inside a truck pulled over on the A12 near Arnhem, 25 May 2020
Crystal meth lab found inside a truck pulled over on the A12 near Arnhem, 25 May 2020Photo: PolitiePolitie

The police found a "nearly complete" crystal meth laboratory in a truck pulled over on the A12 highway near Arnhem on Monday, along with a quantity of meth, chemicals, and drug waste. "The lab was already in production, but was apparently being moved," the police said. The truck driver, a 40-year-old man from Beuningen, was arrested.

Police officers noticed the truck driving on the A12 in the direction of Ede at around 3:30 p.m. As the truck was signaled as previously being connected to a suspicious situation, the officers signaled the truck to pull over at De Schaars service area. They found the drug lab in the cargo area. "In addition to all kinds of barrels and jerry cans, it contained the so-called 'hardware' to set up a production laboratory for synthetic drugs. The well-known sweet smell around the truck also confirmed that a lab was being transported here," the police said.

Specialists from the national facility for dismantling drug labs were called in to investigate and safely dispose of the content of the truck. They confirmed that the lab was indeed used to make methamphetamine. 

The river also had a so-called cell phone jammer - a device to prevent mobile phones from receiving signals from nearby cell phone masts - on him. The possession of such  device is prohibited in the Netherlands.

The suspect is in custody and the police are investigating.