Despite protests, Hague beach cafes can’t reopen ahead of time: municipality

The beach and pavilions in front of the Amrath Hotel Kurhaus in Scheveningen in 2012
The beach and pavilions in front of the Amrath Hotel Kurhaus in Scheveningen in 2012 RonaldWilfredDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Bars, catering establishments and rental services that typically dot the beaches of The Hague will not be allowed to trade until June 2, despite calls for a partial reopening ahead of the long holiday weekend, the city's municipality confirmed on Monday. With gorgeous weather predicted, the beach establishments wanted to open their doors early to capitalize on Ascension Day and the extra day off many are getting on Friday.

"Catering establishments, whether they are located on the beach or in the center of a municipality, must all adhere to the same clear rules; catering is closed," the municipality asserted in a press release. While claiming to be sympathetic to the position in which local business owners find themselves, the municipality stated that reopening, even partially, prior to the established date would constitute an "unauthorized extension" of the rules.

"[Beach catering services] are prohibited until further notice, unless the Prime Minister decides otherwise," reiterated the municipality. But some beach business owners in Scheveningen were threatening to open their doors regardless of the city's statement, according to broadcaster NOS.

According to news service, local entrepreneurs have expressed grave concern over the financial strain in which the guidelines put them, with many seeking to reopen or partially reopen catering, pubic lavatories and holiday homes.