Green stickers to show passengers where to sit on trains

Social distancing measures at train stations in the Netherlands
Social distancing measures at train stations in the

NS will use green stickers to show travelers where they can sit when trains start running on schedule again on June 2, the rail company said. This is to make sure travelers can keep sufficient distance from each other. Only window seats can be used, which means about 50 percent of seats will be available.

NS will run "the maximum number of trains that are possible for our employees under corona conditions and that are necessary to keep the Netherlands accessible". International train traffic will also go back to its full schedule in a step-by-step manner. For example, the IC Brussels and IC Berlin will start running according to schedule at the start of June, with Thalys and Eurostar following later in the month and in July.

"Our travelers must be able to travel safely and our colleagues must be able to do their work safely. That is why measures are so important," NS CEO Roger van Boxtel said. He reminded travelers that non-medical masks will be mandatory on public transport. And that the instruction is still to work at home as much as possible and avoid crowds. "Therefore: only travel if really necessary."