King: Stay strong even after hopefully this last King’s Day at home

In addition to this article, NL Times also produced a full translation of the King's speech on his 53rd birthday, which was delivered in Dutch.

"How special is it that we managed to form a unit at a distance from each other," said King Willem-Alexander in a four-minute speech given from Huis Ten Bosch, the royal palace where he resides. "King's Day at home promises to be a unique day. And especially unique because I hope this will be the very last King's Day at home," he said with his wife, Queen Maxima, and their children by his side.

"I hope it will be the very last King's Day at home in history," King Willem-Alexander said.

The King said that, like most everyone else, he and his family were very disappointed that the planned King's Day festivities could not happen this year. They too will miss the festivals, parties and flea markets. "Of course I would have preferred to have been in Maastricht," he said, giving a special thanks to everyone in Maastricht who worked hard for months on a special program which was cancelled due to the global health crisis.

But it is important to keep adhering to social distancing regulations to curb the spread of this virus, the King stressed. "We cannot let the coronavirus take charge, so keep going, even after this King's Day."

The King mentioned the healthcare staff and other professionals working to keep the Netherlands running through this crisis, who do not have time to celebrate King's Day today, thanking them for their effort and dedication.

"Now, it is time for a party: King's Day at Home. Hopefully, it will be an unforgettable day. Enjoy it, from a safe distance, but together. And stay healthy."