German police to randomly check Dutch on border

The police in Germany are starting random checks on Dutch motorists at border crossings from Friday. Those who do not have a good reason to drive into Germany will be sent away. And failure to comply with German rules against the coronavirus can result in a fine of at least 200 euros, RTL Nieuws reports.

This includes having more than two people in a car. Dutch are also not allowed to go on a shopping spree or visit any German attractions. A quick shop for groceries and going to refuel your car are both still allowed.

Germans will also be turned away from Dutch borders during Easter weekend, unless they have an urgent need to enter the Netherlands.

Earlier this month, Germany declared the Netherlands an "international risk area" for the further spread of the coronavirus. According to German health service Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Netherlands is a country where 'it can be assumed that there is a persistent human-to-human transmission" of the coronavirus.