Top Dutch footballers join €11 million football rescue fund

Oranje Netherlands football UEFA EURO 2012
Oranje line up before a match against Germany during the EURO 2012 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Top row (l-r): Stekelenburg, Robben, Mathijsen, Heitinga, Van Persie, & Van Bommel; Bottom Row: Willems, Van der Wiel, Afellay, De Jong, &Sneijder. June 13, 2012Photo: katatonia82 / DepositPhotos

The top football players in the Netherlands joined Dutch football association KNVB and ING to create an 11 million euro fund to help rescue the country's professional and amateur football organizations. All football play has been on hold since March 12, as the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the country.

Professional football could potentially begin play in June, though many players and team management want the remainder of the season called off. The amateur football season was already scrapped.

Players who participated with the Dutch men's and women's national teams donated to the fund, along with participants on the under-21 teams, to help save the organizations which are no longer able to generate revenue. The Oranje players chose to give a boost to the amateur football network of three thousand associations and 1.2 million players. "The place where they all started once," the KNVB said.

The contribution from Dutch bank ING, was also in addition to its regular support of 500 of these football clubs. The bank has been the banner sponsor of Dutch football for over a decade, the KNVB stated.

The millions of euros will be used for bridge loans, loan deferments, and operating capital for some professional teams. "Additionally, the KNVB also expects solidarity among the clubs in this area, from the smallest professional football organizations to the clubs that play European football."