KLM considering testing more passengers' temperature

KLM is looking into ways to expand measuring the temperature of travelers flying with the Dutch airline during the coronavirus crisis. These health checks are currently performed on flights to Canada, Seoul, and Singapore at the request of these locations, a spokesperson for the company said to NU.nl. CNV is calling on employers to do more to protect their workers against Covid-19.

"We are looking into expanding the temperature check to more destinations, both from Schiphol and other stations," the spokesperson said. The current temperature checks on travelers to Canada, Seoul and Singapore are done at Schiphol by KLM ground personnel, at the request of authorities at the destinations. 

Trade union CNV called on employers to do more to protect their employees against the coronavirus. According to the union, about a fifth of employees currently feel unsafe in the workplace and approximately the same proportion think their employer is not taking enough measures to protect them against Covid-19. Healthcare workers feel unsafe most often. Shop employees, transport workers, security guards, cleaners, and builders also regularly indicate that they're not safe or want their employers to do more. 

This feeling of insecurity is higher among people with a lower level of education. "It is particularly distressing that the low-skilled pay the price for this crisis. Many of them work in vital sectors and are on the front lines of this crisis," CNV chairman Piet Fortuin said to Het Parool. Higher educated people are able to work from home more often. "We call on all employers, together with the government, to ensure a safe workplace." If no measures are taken, "millions of Dutch people are at risk of being infected through the workplace," the union leader warned.