101-year-old recovers from Covid-19, discharged from hospital

A 101-year-old woman is released from the hospital after treatment for Covid-19
A 101-year-old woman is released from the IJsselland hospital after treatment for Covid-19. March 31, 2020IJsselland Ziekenhuis

A hospital in Zuid-Holland today had a moment to celebrate an uplifting story in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic when it authorized the discharge of a 101-year-old woman who recovered from the respiratory illness Covid-19. The woman was kept in isolation at Ijsselland Ziekenhuis for about the past ten days after she entered the medical center complaining of a shortness of breath.

Once at the Capelle aan den IJssel hospital she tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, the virus that causes Covid-19. But on Tuesday the woman, who resides in her own home at an assisted-living facility, was allowed to return.

"She is a brave lady, it's wonderful to see how she sticks to the social rules!" said pulmonologist S. Ramlal in a written statement. "She coughed neatly into her elbow, and made me keep an appropriate distance from her. Let's all stick to these principles, that's so crucial!”

"The nurses and pulmonologists are happy with the news; they are experiencing many sad and intense situations," the hospital said. It added, "Fortunately there are also these positive experiences."

While the woman did well in the hospital, Ijsselland Ziekenhuis said she would still need time to recover in her home. "My mother is an independent lady who knows what she wants; she has experienced a lot in her life and has always worked hard," said her youngest daughter, Marianne.

"We hope that she will return to a stable and private environment where she knows the people and where she can relax.”