Pay TV channels, business services free during coronavirus outbreak

Telecom providers KPN and VodafoneZiggo have decided to give their customers free access to television channels that are usually sold for an additional fee. Both companies are also implementing plans to help people working from home, including some services available free of charge even for customers of other telecom providers.

Through April 13, KPN is giving away access to four Film1 movie channels, three Nick channels for children, retro music station 192 TV, and Comedy Central Extra. VodafoneZiggo matched the offer, and said it would also broadcast additional children's content on channel 13.

VodafoneZiggo said they wanted "to offer everyone more relaxation" since all schools, childcare centers, sports facilities, restaurants, and bars were closed by the government due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The International Documentary Film-festival Amsterdam (IDFA) has also released hundreds of documentaries for free, and many more for a small fee. Though an annual occurrence for IDFA, the films offer different perspectives for audiences interested in a wide range of subjects.

Disney+ has also taken steps to keep people entertained during the extended stay-at-home period. The streaming service said it would release the popular children's movie Frozen 2 two months earlier than planned. 

Free business services during the quarantine period

KPN also said it would also provide free conference call numbers to anyone who wants one, regardless of their status as a customer. The telecom said it thought it could help "all home workers in the Netherlands", and has made the initiative free from Wednesday through April 15. Over the same time period, calls made by some of its customers outside of their contract packages may also bee free of charge.

While KPN is pushing more resources into securing its broadband services as fault's arise, Vodafone Ziggo said it would change when major scheduled services will take place. Most network maintenance planned for daytime hours will be postponed to a later time or date.

Both KPN and T-Mobile closed all of their store locations through April 6. VodafoneZiggo said most of their stores were open for the time being.