MH17 trial to continue, despite coronavirus concerns

Investigators in the Ukraine - MH17 (Picture: Ministry of Security and Justice)Investigators in the Ukraine - MH17 (Picture: Ministry of Security and Justice)

The trial against the first for suspects in the downing of flight MH17 will continue for the time being, the court in The Hague announced. The next hearing on Monday, March 23, will definitely happen, but in a slimmed-down form.

Only essential people involved will be allowed at the hearing. So no relatives of the victims, press or other interested parties. Only one of the three prosecutors will be in the courtroom, according to NOS. And fewer lawyers are also expected.

At the hearing, the court will consider a request to suspend hearings until June 8. 

The hearing can be followed via a live stream

On Monday it was announced that almost all lawsuits and court cases have been postponed for the time being, in order to help curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. Only the most urgent cases will still be handled - cases in which a judicial decision cannot be delayed because it would affect the rights of a suspect or litigant.