Netherlands residents not panicked by coronavirus: survey

Stock image of a Covid-19 coronavirus microscope analysis
Stock image of a Covid-19 coronavirus microscope analysis DmyToDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Netherlands residents are largely not concerned by the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the country. Most people barely adjusted their lives and many think the attention the virus is getting is exaggerated, according to a survey by Markteffect among over a thousand Dutch on behalf of newspaper AD.

On the question of whether people changed their lifestyles due to the virus, 39 percent said no, 32 percent said very slightly, and 24 percent said slightly. Only 11 percent of respondents said they did extra shopping due to Covid-19. 

Public health institute RIVM's main advice for avoiding a Covid-19 infection is to wash your hands often. 53 percent of respondents said they are following this advice. 71 percent said that they will now call the doctor if they have a fever or a cough. 

77 percent of respondents said they have faith in the government and public health institute RIVM's approach to dealing with the virus. 76 percent said enough is being done to limit its spread. 

Exactly half of the respondents said that too much attention is being paid to the virus, with young adults being the most vocal on this point. According to the researcher, this likely has to do with young people being more active online and therefore seeing more coverage 47 percent of respondents said the attention is sufficient, and 3 percent said there should be more attention for the virus. 

According to AD, this survey was conducted over three days early this week - as the Covid-19 diagnoses climbed to 23. As of Wednesday afternoon, the RIVM's confirmed diagnoses counter stood at 38. 

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, will hold a debate on the coronavirus and the Netherlands' response thereto starting at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday.