Burglary suspect falls into cop’s arms during rooftop escape

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform. Aug. 20, 2015JoeppoulssenDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

Police in Enkhuizen stopped a burglary suspect after he fell from a rooftop while trying to elude officers early Monday morning. The 33-year-old, also from the Noord-Holland town, was then apprehended on the ground, and taken under guard to an area hospital for treatment.

Authorities were alerted to a suspicious man lurking in the garden of a home on Nassaustraat at about 5 a.m. By the time police arrived the man had fled the scene.

The officers conducted a search, shutting off several escape routes, until one police worker spotted a man running across a nearby rooftop. While being pursued from the ground, the suspect dropped to the ground from the building.

Suspected of breaking into a barn, the man was taken to a police station for questioning upon his release from the hospital later that day.