Brexit brought 78 businesses to Netherlands last year

More and more companies are setting up in the Netherlands because of the Brexit. Last year 78 companies made this move, compared to 43 in 2018, according to annual figures from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), which helps foreign companies settle in our country. The Netherlands is now home to 140 "Brexit companies", NOS reports.

"It usually takes about six months to two years for a company to actually make the decision to establish itself in the Netherlands," Jeroen Nijland of NFIA said to the broadcaster. "The result of 2019 is the final piece of projects that we often already started in 2017 and 2018."

The 78 companies that settled in the Netherlands last year expect to create around 1,800 jobs and invest 64 million euros in the first three years.

The NFIA is also in contact with 425 companies that are considering a move to or expanding into the Netherlands. "That number is also increasing. A year ago we were still talking to around 250 companies," Nijland said. The NFIA only counts companies that create jobs and make investments in the Netherlands.

The majority of companies that moved to the Netherlands so far are in the business services, IT, and media and advertising industries. "The common thread is that they needed permits to operate here," Nijland said. "They were in a hurry and switched first."

The Netherlands is popular because of its location, he said. "A large part of the European market can be reached within 500 kilometers. And thanks to the strong infrastructure, the rest of Europe can be reached within 24 hours. Other countries do not have that advantage." The Netherlands' stability and the fact that there are few trikes here also play a role.

It is difficult to see how the Netherlands is doing compared to other countries that want to attract "Brexit companies", Nijland said. "But I am satisfied. I think the Netherlands scores well."