Passengers flying from Dutch airports most often go to London

Schiphol airport, 29 Sept 2018
Schiphol airport, 29 Sept 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

People who flew from the Dutch airports last year, most often flew to London. The most plane passengers traveled from the Netherlands to Heathrow Airport in London. And London was the most popular destination for flights from four of the five national Dutch airports last year, Statistics Netherlands reported on Thursday.

A total of 1.75 million people flew between a Dutch airport and London Heathrow last year. El Prat airport in Barcelona was the second most popular destination with 1.61 million travelers, followed by Dublin with 1.35 million. 

Top 10 destinations from Dutch airports:

  1. London Heathrow - 1.75 million travelers
  2. El Prat airport, Barcelona - 1.61 million travelers
  3. Dublin airport, Dublin - 1.35 million travelers
  4. Charles de Gulle airport, Paris - 1.24 million travelers
  5. Barajas airport, Madrid - 1.22 million travelers
  6. Portela airport, Lisbon - 1.18 million travelers
  7. Kastrup airport, Copenhagen - 1.17 million travelers
  8. Ringway airport, Manchester - 1.14 million travelers
  9. Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport, Malaga - 1.12 million travelers
  10. Gatwick airport, London - 1.10 million travelers

London was the most popular destination for flights from four of the five Dutch airport. For Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam it was London Heathrow, for Rotterdam The Hague airport it was London City Airport, for Eindhoven airport it was London Luton airport, and for Groningen Airport Eelde it was London Southend Airport. Maastricht Airport is the only Dutch airport from which most travelers didn't go to London. Maastricht's main destination was Antalya in Turkey.

Last year, a record number of over 81 million people traveled through one of the five national Dutch airports - an increase of 2 percent. Schiphol is by far the largest airport in the Netherlands, handling over 88 percent of passengers who traveled to and from the Netherlands last year. Four of the five airports saw an increase in passengers, only Groningen Airport Eelde saw passenger numbers decrease.