Hague extends ban against Islamic hate preacher

The Ministry of Justice and Security plans to extend a ban against controversial imam Fawaz Jneid, which bans him from the Transvaal and Schilderswijk districts of The Hague. The situation around Jneid and his teachings have not changed, which is why the ban will be extended, NOS reports.

The municipality of The Hague believes that Jneid contributes to the radicalization of young people in the city. According to the municipality, the ban leads to less unrest in Transvaal and Schilderswijk.

Jneid was first banned from the two Hague neighborhoods in 2017, after he gave a sermon at a local bookstore. The ban has been reviewed and extended every six months since.

The imam has always opposed the ban and denied that he encourages young people to extremism.