Dutch made aircraft involved in Kazakhstan crash killing at least 15

A Foker 100 aircraft from Bek Air
A Foker 100 aircraft from Bek Air. July 1, 2014QarakesekWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

A passenger jet that crashed in Kazakshtan on Friday was produced and first tested in the Netherlands in 1996. Bek Air flight 2100 departed from Almaty, destined for Nur-Sultan, often known as Astana, but crashed about a minute after it took off at 7:21 a.m. local time.

The Fokker 100, with 95 passengers and five crew members, crashed into a two-story building just at the end of the 4,500-meter long runway 05R/23L. Some 15 people were killed in the crash, of which 14 died at the scene. Dozens more suffered serious or critical injuries.

The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) said it would cooperate in any investigation, according to RTL Nieuws. "Kazakhstan is in charge of the investigation," a spokesperson said. The OVV will likely take part in the case because a Dutch Fokker was involved, but the Netherlands has not yet been formally asked to participate. "If that invitation is received, we will see how we can fulfill that role."

The Bek Air aircraft had a registration number of UP-F1007. A report on the airplane's history showed it was produced at Schiphol Airport for the now-defunct Taiwanese airline Formosa Airlines in 1996. The plane had several owners before it was acquired by Bek Air in 2013. 

Bek Air subsequently leased the plane to different businesses, but had been operating it continuously for the last year, according to information obtained by Flightradar24, planespotters.net, and airfleets.net. The airline operates eight other Fokker 100s.

All Fokker 100 aircraft were grounded in Kazakhstan following the crash. A cause of the incident was not immediately determined, though a Reuters reporter said there was heavy fog in the area when the accident took place.

Aslan Nazaralivev survived the crash, saying it was vibrating violently on departure, according to the BBC. The airport told the broadcaster the plane first hit a concrete barrier before striking the building.


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