Streaming services, cinemas must invest in Dutch film, video projects

Dutch flag sketch
Rendering of the Dutch flag.image: Irina_Oksenoyd / DepositPhotos

Video entertainment firms operating in the Netherlands will be required to invest at least three percent of their total revenue generated in the Netherlands in the production and co-production of Dutch films, series, animated video and documentaries in a new proposal put forward by Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven. The plan affects all cinemas, streaming services and broadcasters operating in the Netherlands, and matches similar regulations in neighboring countries Belgium, France and Germany, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Companies which already invest in content will have to pump six percent of their Dutch turnover into Dutch projects. Businesses do not necessarily have to fund individual projects, and can instead choose to put the money in private funds that invest in Dutch productions.

The ministry has become increasingly concerned with international video providers that have taken a significant foothold in the Netherlands, but with no mandate to provide Dutch content. Companies like Netflix and streaming service Disney+ are growing more dominant, but the ministry says they have not made significant investment in Dutch cultural productions.