Dutch supermarkets promoting more Christmas vegetarian recipes

Farmer and cows in the Netherlands
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Dutch supermarkets were more likely to share vegetarian recipes in their annual Christmas magazines, with 42.2 percent of the recipes promoting vegetarian dishes, according to animal welfare organization Wakker Dier. It is the first year that that the top 11 supermarkets shared the recipes, with an overall increase from about 40 percent.

The group looked at main and side dishes for any meal, but not dessert courses. Recipes were examined for their inclusion of meat or fish.

Though some 80 percent of main courses still had a meat or fish base, "the gain in the vegetarian share is mainly achieved through an increase in vegetarian recipes for side dishes, brunch and high tea," the nonprofit group said.

The group praised Aldi, Deen, Jumbo, and Lidl for including more meatless mains and sides than in years past. Wakker Dier said it was optimistic that the trend suggests if people choose meat less often, when they eat meat it will be of a higher quality.