Almost all NL residents support harsher punishments for New Year's violence against cops, aid workers

95 percent of Netherlands residents are in favor of harsher punishments for violence against police officers and other first responders during New Year's. 78 percent agree that fireworks should be banned next year in neighborhoods where aid workers are threatened. And 72 percent agree that fireworks should be banned in municipalities where the police cannot guarantee safety, according to a study by I&O Research on behalf of Binnelands Bestuur.

I&O Research surveyed nearly 2 thousand Netherlands residents aged 18 and over on what they think about New Year's fireworks and violence against police officers in this period.

Overall, exactly half of Netherlands residents now support a general fireworks ban for private individuals. 45 percent are against such a ban. A local firework ban can count on slightly more support, 57 percent. 

Support for a firework ban for individuals grew among voters on both sides of the political spectrum. Left-wing voters are most in favor of such a ban, with animal party PvdD and green party GroenLinks voters being the most vehement supporters, 76 percent and 73 percent respectively.

But support for a general ban is also growing on the right-wing side. 54 percent of PVV voters now support such a ban. The VVD and 50Plus are almost evenly divided. A majority of voters for Christian parties ChristenUnie and SGP also support a general ban on consumer fireworks. "If we take stock, only CDA and FvD voters are still against a general fireworks ban. For the other parties, the picture is divided, or a majority is in favor of a fireworks ban", the researchers said.

The opinion on firework lighting times over New Year's remained largely unchanged compared to last year. 38 percent think the lighting times should be limited further, and 43 percent think the current lighting times are fine.