Knife incident at Amsterdam fire station leaves firefighter dead, another hurt

Amsterdam Fire Department Hendrik Station Marnixstraat
The "Hendrik" station of the Amsterdam Fire Department, located on Marnixstraat. Jan. 1, 2009SterilgutassistentinWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

Two firefighters were injured during an incident involving a knife inside the Amsterdam Fire Department station on Marnixstraat. One of the two later died in what police said was a suspected suicide.

Emergency services workers tried to revive that person on the street, but they died at the scene, broadcaster AT5 reported.

The injured person was taken to an area hospital, and is not in a life-threatening condition, according to newspaper Parool. The fire station was deactivated until a new crew can be brought in to take over operations, the newspaper said.

An investigation into the Tuesday morning violence was ongoing. Police said it occurred at about 10:30 a.m., and investigators were still speaking with witnesses and collecting evidence later in the afternoon. A forensic investigation was also carried out at the crime scene, while police try to determine both the cause of death, and why the event happened.

Police said they are also looking for camera images that might aid the investigation.