Slippery roads cause multiple crashes around Rotterdam

Traffic cone (Photo: Gorkaazk/Wikimedia Commons)Traffic cone (Photo: Gorkaazk/Wikimedia Commons)

Multiple accidents occurred in the Rotterdam region on Monday morning as a result of icy and slippery roads. The accidents caused delays for motorists in the morning rush hour. 

Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow slippery roads warning for Gelderland and Noord-Brabant on Monday morning. Travelers' association ANWB warned that Gelderland, Utrecht and Noord-Brabant can expect issues. But the problems extended beyond those provinces.

On the A20 towards Hoek van Holland, near Rotterdam-Crooswijk, there was a pileup involving five cars. An ambulance was deployed for one of the drivers, who injured his neck, the police said. Traffic was delayed by a hour on the A4 from Rotterdam to The Hague after a truck hit multiple cars. A traffic jam piled up between Den Hoorn and the Prins Clausplein junction, the ANWB said.

In Hoeksche Waard and Rotterdam vehicles ended up in the water after slipping on icy roads, according to RTV Rijnmond. Dozens of reports of accidents were received in the region on Monday morning