Uber driver not prosecuted over abuse of gay couple during Amsterdam Pride

No charges were filed against an Uber driver accused of discriminating against a gay couple in Amsterdam at the end of the city’s Pride festival in August, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said on Wednesday, citing a lack of evidence. The two men filed statements against the driver, saying he grew increasingly angry, spat at them, and threw them out of his cab after the men started kissing each other while sitting in the back seat.

A police investigation did not conclusively determine if any laws had been broken, particularly with regard to discriminatory actions, the OM said. The victims do have the possibility to file an appeal in the case to force the OM to prosecute a criminal complaint against the driver.

“There may not be hard evidence, but I know what happened,” one of the victims told local broadcaster AT5. He said he was concerned that the driver would similarly lash out at other passengers.

It is not clear if the driver still works with Uber. The alternative taxi platform said in July it would try to give customers easier access to reporting discrimination after a drag queen was refused service.