Den Haag millionaire subject of sex worker’s extortion plot: Report

A sex worker from The Hague and three men are suspected of blackmailing a Hague millionaire last summer. The real estate millionaire was filmed during a visit to the sex worker. The suspects told him to pay a hefty sum or they would make the footage public and send a copy to his wife. The suspects must appear in court on Monday, AD reports.

The suspects initially demanded 100 thousand euros from the millionaire, but later lowered that amount to 10 thousand euros. The victim immediately went to the police. The suspects were arrested during a second meeting with the victim.

According to the victim, he was specifically targeted by 27-year-old sex worker Wulfiene S. She deliberately worked her way into his life to extort money out of him, a spokesperson for the victim said to the newspaper.

But according to S.'s lawyer Lotte Versteegh, that is not the case. "The picture is sketched that this was a long-term plan, but that is not the case. It was a stupid, impulsive action. She did not really want to publish the footage. That would not be in her interest. She really wants to get out of prostitution", the lawyer said.

The man made no secret about his wealth, according to Versteegh. "He had been a customer for some time. She was picked up in different cars, so she knew he had an exclusive Italian sports car. He would have said several times that his wife couldn't find out." According to Versteegh, that was partly how the suspects got the idea. 

The idea of filming and extorting the man came from Rotterdam suspect 23-year-old Jim van den B. and from S., the Rotterdam man's lawyer Michel van Stratum said to AD. "They have admitted that too. The reason was the lady's financial trouble." The other two suspects are brothers from Capelle aan den IJssel, aged 30 and 31. They are suspected of involvement.