Thermometers to climb above 20ºC this weekend

A cloudy day in Amsterdam
A cloudy day in AmsterdamPhoto: alxbaev/DepositPhotos

After a cold and gloomy week, the Netherlands can look forward to some higher temperatures this weekend. Saturday will still be gray and rainy, but Sunday sees a chance of some sunshine and temperatures up to 23 degrees, according to Weeronline.

Afternoon temperatures on Thursday will range between 14 degrees on the Wadden and in the northeast of the country to 16 degrees in the south. It will be cloudy, but the sun may peek through in some places. There will be a few showers throughout the evening and night, mainly in the north and northwest of the country.

Friday will be a gray day with periods of rain and drizzle and little chance of sunshine. The southwesterly wind will be moderate inland to fairly strong in the west, and strong along the coast. Maximums will range between 14 and 16 degrees. Saturday will look a lot like Friday, only with less rain and less wind.

On Sunday a south wind will bring warmer air into the Netherlands, raising maximum temperatures to between 19 degrees in the north and northwest and 21 degrees in te southeast, where some places may even see the thermometer climb to 23 degrees. Despite the warm weather, it won't be very sunny and there may still be showers in the middle and north of the country. 

According to Weeronline, the start of next week will have a chance of showers, but intermixed with long dry periods and occasional sunshine. Maximums between 15 and 17 degrees are expected - slightly warmer than usual for this time of year. "The temperature will probably fall a few degrees the following weekend", the weather service said.