Utrecht province 2nd on Europe's most livable regions index

Aerial photo of Utrecht

The province of Utrecht came in 2nd place on the list of Europe's most livable regions, the Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI). First place went to Stockholm in Sweden. Utrecht shares second place with London, RTV Utrect reports.

The European Union compiles the RCI every three years, judging regions' livability based on various themes including infrastructure, innovation, health, gender equality, and sustainability. 

Hans Oosters, the Commissioner of the King in Utrecht, called it "fantastic" that Utrecht scored so high on the index. "Such a prize is a gift so that we can show what the region is really good at", he said to the regional broadcaster. "It is always an incentive for us to maintain that high position, together with the business community, knowledge institutions and social organizations."

Alderman Klaas Verschuure is also happy with the second place. "It is a huge compliment for our region. It is also very justified in view of the way we present ourselves." Though there are challenges to work through in order to maintain that position, he said referring to shortages on the housing market and creating employment opportunities. "So we have enough challenges to work on in the coming period."