Emergency number for Dutch travelers affected by Thomas Cook bankruptcy

Travelers guarantee fund SGR opened an emergency number for Dutch travelers who are currently on a vacation booked through Thomas Cook. On Monday evening it was announced that all Thomas Cook Nederland and Neckermann trips scheduled for Tuesday were canceled. Around a thousand Dutch are affected by this, NU.nl reports.

The canceled trips include flights, but also hotel rooms and other forms of accommodation. The SGR emergency number, active from 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, is meant to help travelers who run into problems while on vacation. SGR is working with travel agency TUI in making sure all Dutch can complete their holidays as planned.

The vacations booked through Thomas Cook Nederland and Neckermann were canceled due to severe money problems at the British parent company. Thomas Cook was declared bankrupt early on Monday

Currently around 10 thousand Dutch people are on a vacation booked through Thomas Cook, Frank Oostdam of travel industry organization ANVR said to NOS on Tuesday. According to him, it is very unlikely that Dutch travelers will be left stranded, as is happening with thousands of British travelers. This is because Thomas Cook does not run flights to the Netherlands itself. Thomas Cook flights to the Netherlands are usually operated by Transavia. "People who are now at their destination can continue their holiday as normal. Then return by plane."