Cops find €400K, Rolex watches that burglars missed during robbery

Cash and Rolex watches found in a Zwijndrecht home, 13 September 2019
Cash and Rolex watches found in a Zwijndrecht home, 13 September 2019Photo: Public Prosecutor/OM

Police investigating a home invasion were surprised to find hundreds of thousands of euros in cash and several expensive watches, seemingly overlooked by a group of burglars who were in the home moments earlier.

Three burglars invaded a home in Zwijndrecht, Zuid-Holland last week, and locked up a resident in the basement while they searched the home. The resident managed to escape and call the police after the robbers fled the home.

Responding officers investigating the incident found a moving box stuffed with about 400 thousand euros in cash. Four Rolex watches were also found, of which one still had its tag and was tucked neatly in its display case.

Authorities are concerned that the money or watches might be stolen property, which is why they announced the seizure on Thursday. “Part of the money turned out to consist of 500 euro bills. They are now generally recognized as an important sign of undermining crime, such as money laundering,” the prosecution service said in a statement.

National police detectives were also trying to track down the source of the cash. Several divisions of the prosecution service, along with multiple police agencies, were assigned to work together on the investigation.

The home invasion took place on Langeweg during the overnight hours from September 12 into September 13. No arrests were made as of Thursday morning.