Rotterdam security guard could get 4 years for fatal brawl

The Public Prosecutor demanded four years in prison against 38-year-old John H. for assault resulting in death. The Rotterdam security guard is suspected of kicking an party goer so hard in the stomach that he later died of internal injuries, reports.

The incident happened during the early hours of January 27th last year. Victim 32-year-old Jip Jurg from Schiedam was attending a party connected to the International Film Festival Rotterdam when he got into an altercation with security guards. The altercation started because Jurg left the party with a glass that was not supposed to leave the premises, the police said at the time.

The altercation turned into a fight, after which Jurg went home by taxi. His father found him dead in his home the next day. According to the Public Prosecutor, he died of internal injuries sustained when H. kicked him in the stomach.

H. denied kicking Jurg. According to the suspect, there was a struggle during which he accidentally stepped on the man's abdomen.