KLM cancels flights over ground crew strikes

KLM Boeing 737-700, PH-BGP at Schiphol Airport
KLM Boeing 737-700, PH-BGP at Schiphol AirportSaschaporsche / Wikimedia Commons

KLM canceled a total of 11 departures and 10 arrivals at Schiphol airport on Monday due to a strike by the Dutch airline's ground crew. All flights are within Europe. 

The strike is happening between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. due to a conflict over a collective bargaining agreement. Union FNV wants an 8 percent wage increase over two years, a less flexible roster for ground crew, and for KLM to give more of its ground crew employees a permanent contract, according to NU.n. During negotiations, KLM did not agree to any of these demands.

FNV expects that a large part of the ground crew will take part in the strikes.

A spokesperson for KLM told the newspaper that the flights are canceled as a precaution, to help ensure that the rest of the Dutch airline's flights takeoff and land as on-time as possible. 

The following KLM flights are canceled on Monday morning:


  • KL1105 to Stockholm
  • KL1925 to Geneva
  • KL1141 to Oslo
  • KL1699 to Madrid
  • KL1125 to Copenhagen
  • KL1277 to Edinburgh
  • KL1665 to Barcelona
  • KL1639 to Florence
  • KL1973 to Budapest
  • KL1541 to Lees Bradford
  • KL1443 to Aberdeen


  • KL1124 from Copenhagen
  • KL1140 from Oslo
  • KL1276 from Edinburgh
  • KL1698 from Madrid
  • KL1104 from Stockholm
  • KL1540 from Leeds Bradford
  • KL1638 from Florence
  • KL1972 from Budapest
  • KL1662 from Barcelona
  • KL1824 from Geneva