Heineken family features prominently in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book

The names of Dutch beer magnate Freddy Heineken and that of his daughter Charlene appear in the address book of Jeffrey Epstein - an American multimillionaire accused of large-scale child sex abuse who committed suicide in his jail cell earlier this month. What has since become known as "Epstein's black book" contains the names, addresses and contact numbers of an endless list of celebrities, princes, CEOs, and athletes.

In Epstein's book the names of both Heineken, who died in 2002, and his daughter are not spelled quite right. The beer magnate himself is listed as 'Heineken, Mr. Fredie' on the same page as actor Dustin Hoffman. Gawker, the website that published the address book, blacked out actual addresses and contact numbers for privacy reasons. The redacted info under Heineken's name is an address Epstein used for the beer magnate in the French Riviera. 

Daughter Charlene is listed with her husband Michel de Carvalho. They are listed as Carvalho, Michel & Charlene, instead of "De Charvalho", on the same page as model Naomi Campbell and singer Phil Collins. An address in London is listed for them as well as a telephone number.

Until now, nothing was known about links between Epstein and the Heinekens, according to newspaper AD. Whether the Heinekens actually knew Epstein is unclear. A spokesperson for the Heineken family told the newspaper that the Heinekens' personal relationships are "private matters" and that also applies to a personal relationship with the American who is suspected or running a large-scale pedophilia network. 

Stefan Vermeulen, who wrote the book Heineken after Freddy and therefore immersed himself in the beer magnate's life, also could not tell AD whether Freddy Heineken and Epstein knew each other. "One thing is certain. Both had access to the highest jet set circles. The chance that your paths will cross, is great", he said. 

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell earlier this month. He was again in custody on suspicion of the large-scale sexual abuse of minor girls. The former investment banker was tried on the same charges in 2008, and received an extremely light prison sentence. But early this year the American judiciary ruled that the settlement on which his sentencing was based was illegal. Epstein was arrested again early in July.