Rainy weekend ahead, but sunnier end to summer expected

A rainy day in Amsterdam
A rainy day in AmsterdamPhoto: sashk0/DepositPhotos

While this weekend will definitely still be wet and dreary, the weather will turn towards sunshine next week, Weeronline expects. "A beautiful finale of summer seems to be in the making", the weather service said.

Monday will be the turning point towards sunnier and calmer weather, Weeronline said in its forecast on Friday. There will be some showers, but not much and the clouds will make room for some sunshine. The days thereafter are expected to by mostly dry, except for a few local showers. Maximums will start out cooler than usual with 19 to 21 degrees expected for Tuesday, but later in the week afternoon temperatures can climb to 24 degrees. "And because there's not much wind, it will be nice and warm in the sun."

But first there is the weekend to get through. Rain is expected throughout the weekend, though mostly in the morning and evening. Afternoon temperatures on Friday and Saturday will range between 20 and 23 degrees - normal temperatures for this time of the year. On Sunday, showers are expected throughout the day. The day will also be a bit cooler than usual, with maximums between 19 and 21 degrees expected.