Dutch Princess Christina dies at age 72

Princess Christina
Princess Christina Photo: RVD/Emannuela Loddo

Princess Christina died at the age of 72 at the Noordeinde Palace in The Hague on Friday morning, the Royal Family announced through government information service RVD on Friday. The Princess was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2017.

The Princess' body will be transferred to the Koepel van Fagel on the grounds of the Noordeinde Palace, where her family and friends will say their goodbyes in private. Princess Christina's cremation will also take place in private.

Princess Christina is Princess Beatrix's youngest sister. She was born on 18 February 1947, the fourth daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. She married Jorge Guillermo in 1975 and the couple had three children - Bernardo, Nicolas and Juliana. Their marriage dissolved in 1996, through which Princess Christina was no longer eligible for succession to the throne. 

Princess Christina studied singing pedagogy and was involved in singing, music, dance and sound therapy over the past years. In the Netherlands, she worked with Stichting Visio in Huizen and Breda to share her knowledge of dance, sound and physical touch techniques in supporting the blind and visually impaired. The Princess was also involved in the Princess Christina Competition, which aims to introduce children in the Netherlands to music and encourage them to develop their talents.