Uber, Uber Eats team up with safe traffic assoc. to reduce accidents

The Uber App in Paris
A driver in 2017 opens the Uber appphoto: Pe3check / DepositPhotos

Traffic safety association VVN agreed to cooperate with Uber and Uber Eats for three years in a joint goal to improve road safety. The cooperation will consist of setting up campaigns and safety courses for Uber drivers  and Uber Eats cyclists, NU.nl reports.

Uber Eats will launch a safety package for meal deliverers which includes bicycle lighting and a phone holder. New Uber Eats deliverers will receive this package before they get started. The company will also make it compulsory for deliverers to complete a road safety course, and Uber Eats will only higher deliverers that are 18 or older from now on. 

Last year 116 meal deliverers were involved in a traffic accident in the Netherlands. In half of the accidents, the deliverer was taken to hospital by ambulance. "The figures raise questions about the pressure that meal deliverers face", a spokesperson for the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate said when these figures were announced earlier this year. 

Uber will also join the Road Safety Coalition. This coalition is dedicated to improving road safety. It includes associations like the ANWB and the Road Traffic Victims Association, as well as commercial companies like Shell and Samsung.