Driver's license dept. blunder: Medical data placed in wrong files

Driver's licenses office CBR blundered in filing dozens of people's medical data. Referral letters, specialist examinations, GP forms, addresses and social security numbers of dozens of people ended up in the wrong files and were therefore visible to others online, the CBR confirmed to NOS after reports in AD. 

The error came to light ater reports from customers and CBR staff. At least 71 people's medical data was wrongly filed. In 50 cases, CBR employees discovered the issue. For the other 21, people called the CBR after they saw strange data in their file or noticed that something was missing. The CBR cannot exclude that more people may be affected.

According to the CBR, the errors were caused by problems with digitizing hand-completed forms. A spokesperson for the CBR told NOS that measures are being taken to prevent similar problems in the future, but the institute still calls on people to only submit their medical data digitally.