Bullet found in car links suspect more tightly to quadruple murders

Police Enschede cannabis grow shop murders
Evidence technicians comb the area around a grow shop in Enschede, where four people were shot dead. 13 Nov. 2018photo: Politie

A bullet casing was found in the car of the men suspected of the murder of four men in an Enschede grow shop last year. Investigation revealed that the bullet casing corresponds to casings found at the scene of the murders, the Public Prosecutor revealed during a proforma hearing in the court in Almelo on Thursday, Tubantia reports.

Camil A., 58,  and his two sons 32-year-old Dejan and 31-year-old Denis are suspected of murdering four men in a grow shop on Van Leeuwenhoekstraat in Enschede on November 13th last year. The owner of the shop Tuan Nguyen, along with Artur Sargsyan, Maijkel Akfidan, and Max Klaassen were all found killed in the business. 

The bullet casing is the cherry on top of the stack of incriminating evidence that the judiciary already had against the three suspects, according to the Prosecutor. Blood from victim Tuan Nguyen was found in the same Volkswagen Golf the bullet casing was found in, Denis A.'s DNA was found on a cable pulled from a security camera in the grow shop, and two shoe prints from Denis A.'s shoes were found in blood at the scene of the crime.

The suspects still have not made any statements about the motive for the murders. Though the authorities managed to rule out a scenario speculating that a Mexican drug cartel was behind the murders. Several elements of that story were investigated and nothing proved to be true, the Prosecutor said. 

A death threat made against Dejan A. triggered a large search of the Karelskamp prison in Almelo last week. The man received a letter saying that he would be murdered in prison. The Dutch custodial institutions agency DJI searched the prison for weapons, but found nothing.