Death threat against quadruple murder suspect triggers large prison search: report

On Monday the police turned the Karelskamp prison in Almelo inside out in search of a firearm, after one of the inmates received a threat saying that he would be murdered in prison. The target was Deja A., one of three suspects in a quadruple murder in Enschede last year, De Gelderlander reports.

Sources told the newspaper that 32-year-old Dejan A. received the threatening letter on Monday night. It said that he would be murdered in prison. A. raised the alarm and Dutch custodial institutions agency DJI sent a specialized unit to search the prison. Nothing out of the ordinary was found, according to the newspaper.

Dejan A.'s lawyer Roy van der Wal told De Gelderlander that he heard about the incident. According to the lawyer, his client was immediately put in solitary confinement as a precaution. He is critical of the fact his client is being isolated for 14 days over a threat made against him.

Dejan A., along with his 58-year-old father Camil and his 31-year-old brother Denis are suspected of murdering four men in a grow shop in Enschede on November 13th last year. The owner of the shop Tuan Nguyen, along with Artur Sargsyan, Maijkel Akfidan, and Max Klaassen were all found killed in the business. The motive for the murders is not yet clear, but there are multiple rumors about. One such is that the A. family was upset about a bad batch of cannabis. Another is that it was a Mexican woman's revenge for the death of her twin brother and 4-year-old child. 

The three suspects are currently in pre-trail detention, while the investigation against them is still ongoing. The next hearing in their case, during which the progress of the investigation will be discussed, is scheduled for next week.