Hague prosecutor arrested in Germany for drug trafficking: report

A 53-year-old employee of the Public Prosecution Service in The Hague was arrested in Germany on June 18th on suspicion of drug trafficking. She is suspected of smuggling two kilograms of cocaine, 6 kilograms of amphetamine, and 10 thousand ecstasy pills into the country, the German Public Prosecutor confirmed to AD.

The drugs were found in the woman's car. Her daughter and son-in-law were also arrested, the German Prosecutor said to the newspaper. The three are suspected of wanting to sell the drugs in Germany. They are still in custody.

The Public Prosecution Service in The Hague was informed about the arrest on June 20th. On Thursday the Dutch Prosecutor announced that an employee has been suspended for the duration of a German investigation. No further information was given. The prosecutors in The Hague were informed about their colleague's arrest earlier this week, according to the newspaper.


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