Netherlands bracing for a hot weekend

The current hot summer weather in the Netherlands will last through the weekend, Weeronline expects. Temperatures up to 34 degrees are expected in large parts of the country on Saturday. 

Thursday and Friday will be a little bit cooler than the past days, with maximums ranging from 20 degrees in the north to 27 degrees in Limburg and the south of Noord-Brabant on Thursday, and between 19 degrees on the Wadden and 28 degrees in the south on Friday. But the hot weather will be back in full force on Saturday. Large parts of the country will see maximums between 30 and 34 degrees on Saturday. Sunday's maximums are expected range between 22 and 30 degrees. All days are expected to be predominantly sunny. 

Festivals in the country this weekend are taking extra measures to keep their attendees cool and hydrated. Parkpop in The Hague on Sunday will have extra taps where visitors can get water for free, a spokesperson said to Weeronline. Shaded areas will be arranged and music lovers will be allowed to bring in water bottles, as long as they are without caps. 

Awakenings, in Amsterdam on Saturday and Sunday, is arranging extra water for the partying crowd. Water can be collected for free at various points and the festival is putting more fans in its tents. Indian Summer, in Langedijk on Friday and Saturday, will have a large number of free drinking water points and extra shade areas. The organizers remind attendees to stay hydrated, stay in the shade and remember to wear sunscreen. 

Everywhere in the Netherlands, people  are finding creative ways to deal with the heat. Some offices passed out popsicles, including Impact Hub Amsterdam. Construction workers in the Dutch capital were spotted cooling down in a large container full of water, according to AT5. PostNL had to give workers in its sorting centers extra break times due to the heat, according to Some packages may therefore be delivered a bit late.