Gun drawn on Amsterdam subway passenger defending harassed women

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)

Police in Amsterdam were looking for any witnesses to a violent incident on metro line 50 when a gun was pulled out and pointed at someone’s head during an argument between passengers. The incident happened at about 4:40 p.m. inside a subway train bound for Gein.

Authorities say it all started when two men entered a metro car together behind a third man at the Sloterdijk station. The two men harassed several women in the subway, police said, including one who was seated opposite the third man. He spoke up in defense of the women.

“At that point one of the two suspects grabbed a firearm and pointed it close to the [36-year-old] victim’s head,” police said. “At the same time, the metro slowed down and stopped at the Jan van Galenstraat stop, where both suspects exited.”

According to the GVB, the ride between those two stops is three minutes, including a short stop at De Vlugtlaan in between.

Police have spoken with the victim, but also want to hear from the women involved as well as any other witnesses from the subway car or the subway stations. Authorities also invited witnesses to give information anonymously by calling 0900-7000.

A description of the two suspects was not released. A police spokesperson did not return a call requesting a more information about the pair.